Lake Blue Fisherman Beanie


Lake Blue fisherman beanie

Fisherman style beanie, meaning short fitting beanie. A shorter street style beanie that is designed to cover the crown of the head, resting slightly above the ears.

The fit of our fisherman beanies is snug when folded with about a 2 inch cuff, which creates the beanie fitting slightly above the ears.

One size fits most!

Can be added to many outfits as a simple accessory to give off a more stylish look! Although these are commonly worn by Streetwear enthusiasts, hipsters or grunge stylists, it’s also gives off a very retro / vintage look depending upon how you style it!

Comfortable in all weather, we’d recommend it for spring, summer, autumn & winter!

Very soft cotton & acrylic fiber makeup. Material is very durable, designed to retain shape & withstand being worn often! Very soft & cozy!

There may be some color discrepancies which is due to the different screen display settings.